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Select Monitor and Color Quality
Posted by Austin Finley on 13 October 2020 03:18 PM

How to select and use one or more Monitors and change color quality using Netlinux Customer Remote Access

Once connected to your remote session, hover over the Monitor icon (far left) in the top toolbar to display various options. 

Once you hover over it, you should see various options. 


Select Monitors

This will display each phyiscal screen connected to the guest. Each screen will show up as a thumbnail and can be clicked on to switch to it. The little arrow in the upper right corner of the thumbnail will bring that monitor out into it's own window to be moved. You can use this to seperate each monitor into different application windows.

Select Quality

This will change the quality of the remote screen.

High = Full Color | Medium = Less Color | Low = Black and White

Use this feature to lessen the bandwidth requirements for the remote connection. With Fiber or Cable connections, this should typically not be needed. For DSL/Wireless/Cellular Data Internet Connections, this may help performance on screen.


This option will change the size of the remote screens. You can also adjust this manually by selecting the bottom right corner of the window and clicking and dragging it to a different, custom size of your choosing.